Long Form 2

Short Form 1, Long 1, Short 2, and Long 2 are basics forms--they teach basic principles, whereas the 3s and up are techniques forms.

Long Form 2 builds on Short Form 2 by adding movement and showing opposites and timing. As with Short Form 2 it is an advancing kata.

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Like forms Short 1, Long 1, and Short 2

Advance with Inward Block without Cover (12:00)

  1. Advance (into a right neutral bow) with a right inward block (and cock) like with Short 2 except that the left hand is chambered instead of covering.
  2. Right knife hand to the neck followed by a left palm heel to the head as you pivot to a forward bow. Unlike Short 2 where the block and knife hand are on the half-count, in Long 2 the knife hand and palm heel are on the half count.
  3. Pivot back into a neutral bow with a right spear hand to the solar plexus.
  4. C-step through with left leg and repeat with other side.
Teaches full range of motion by cocking hand to waist and overriding the principle "when you step in and block you cover with the other hand" (because we are setting up our line of travel).

Vertical Outward Block with Punch (9:00 and 3:00)

  1. As in Short 2, draw back (with your left leg) to a cat with your hands in a cup-and-saucer on your right, and then step out (with your left leg) into a neutral bow toward 9:00 with a left outer block and a right straight punch.
  2. Now, adding to what was done in Short 2, straighten your left arm into a corkscrew punch while chambering your right hand (but a little higher--at the pecks rather than the waist).
  3. Pivot into a forward bow while executing a right counter punch. The left hand simultaneously is brought back into a jab position (rather than all the way chambered as in a reverse punch).
  4. Draw your left leg only partially back as if to a cat, then execute a same-side, simultaneous left side-fist punch and a left flicking front kick. Note that this is basically a jab with the hand and a jab with the foot, so the foot does not have time to return all the way to a cat before flicking out.
  5. Draw your right foot into your cat with your hands in a left cup-and-saucer, then back out into a right neutral bow toward 3:00 and repeat with the other side.
Teaches full range of motion by cocking hand to waist and chambering.
First vertical side fist from front hand in straight, straight, vertical sequence
First combination left-hand strike--timing is 2-1-1-2

Universal Block (6:00 and 12:00)

  1. Draw your left foot into a cat with your hands in a right cup-and-saucer. Then step back with your left foot to 4:30 as if into a twist stance (but don't settle your weight or stop your motion).
  2. Untwist into a neutral bow facing 6:00 while executing a universal block (inner block with right and downward block with left).
  3. Pivot further into a forward bow with a left upper block and a right inverted hammer fist to the groin.
  4. Claw down the opponent's face with the left hand, pivot back into a neutral bow, with a right vertical back fist to the face (orbital switch).
  5. Follow immediately with double vertical back knuckles (left than right) to the face.
  6. As with Short 2, draw your right foot in and back in a V-Step back to 12:00, cocking your hands (to repeat the pattern). Repeat the pattern toward 12:00 with the other side.
Altering of in, out, up, down sequence with introduction of universal block
First orbital switch, first eye claw
Timing is one beat for each of two moves 2-2-2-2

Downward Block (4:30 and 7:30)

  1. Cover with your right foot, chamber your right hand, face 4:30 in a left neutral bow, and do a left downward block. Continue moving the downward block in a circular motion into an inverted back fist to the opponents head.
  2. Pivot to a (left) forward bow and right reverse punch.
  3. Simultaneously deliver a full extension left punch with a full extension right snapping front kick.
  4. Plant into a right forward bow, then immediately pivot into a neutral bow while delivering a right side fist to the gut and buckling his leg (with ours) at the same time.
  5. As with Short 2, draw your right foot back into a cat (still facing the corner) while hands move into a left cup and saucer.
  6. Step with the right foot toward 7:30, repeating the sequence starting from the downward block (with the opposite sides).
Starts corners with downward block and back-knuckle strike as one count
Shows first side of circle on a vertical plane
Teaches diagonal and simultaneous kick and punch
Shows side fist as low punch with leg check
Repeats straight, straight, vertical sequence--timing is 2-1-2-2

Leg Check with Chopping Knuckle Rake (1:30 and 10:30)

  1. Left leg crosses in front of right leg toward 1:30 in a kicking leg check, planting into a transitional front twist as the left hand delivers a downward knuckle rake to the bridge of the opponent's nose.
  2. Continue stepping through (with the right foot into a neutral bow) while the right hand delivers a striking upper block to the chin. (Remember to compound the block--the right hand turns into a minor inner block as a double-factor.)
  3. While the right hand holds his chin up, the left hand delivers and eye spear, followed by a right then left eye poke.
  4. Right leg crosses in front toward 10:30, repeating the pattern with the opposite side.
Finishes block/strike sequence with a strike preceding a block
Upward forearm strike shows path of action
First eye spear in kata--timing is 2-2-1-2

Short Kata Sequence is Finished

Palm-Up, Inside Downward Block with Vertical Punch (10:30)

  1. Retreat along the 10:30-4:30 diagonal (toward 4:30) with a rear cross over (with the left leg) into a twist stance while issuing a palm-out downward block coming from outside and crossing the center line.
  2. Untwist into a right neutral bow while delivering a gut-level side fist.
  3. Retreat along the same diagonal, but now rear-crossing with the right leg, repeating the sequence with the opposite side.
Shows distance and then torque, separating power principles

Palm-Down, Inside Downward Block and Inverted Punch (1:30)

  1. Step back with your right front to about 6:00 so that you are now facing 1:30 in a left neutral bow, while delivering a palm-down downward block coming from outside. Continue the block's rotation so that it ends up as an inverted fist into the face.
  2. Step back with your left foot along the same diagonal (so you are still facing 1:30), and repeat the sequence with the opposite side.
Shows second side of circle on vertical plane
When a move is compounded, only one stance movement is necessary

Push Block, Twist Stance, Inside Elbow, and Twist-Through Outside Overhead Elbow (1:30)

  1. Pivot to a right forward bow (still facing 1:30) with a left push block, chambering the right hand.
  2. Pivot a little further into a twist stance, delivering a minor, obscure inward elbow.
  3. Continue through (into a left forward bow) with an outward overhead elbow ending in a face claw.
  4. At this point you have advanced into a left forward bow. Advance again, repeating the sequence with the opposite side (starting with a right push block).
  5. Repeat the sequence again, starting with the left push block.
  6. Finish the last (third) set with a right counter punch, where the left hand cocks, followed by a tight left hammer fist to the head.
Shows torque and then distance with one half of overhead circle.

Twist -Through Inside Overhead Below (1:30)

  1. We now start retreating along the same diagonal (toward 7:30, still facing 1:30). The attacker is charging you so rear cross back with your leg into a twist stance as you hook your left hand in the shape of the crane around his head.
  2. As you untwist (into a right neutral bow still facing 1:30), drop your weight into a right downward elbow to his back.
  3. Retreat once more along the same diagonal, repeating the sequence with the opposite side.
Shows reverse of last set with second half of overhead circle

One Duel Movement in Isolation Set (12:00)

  1. Almost repeat the above sequence one more time, but this time slightly change your direction, retreating toward 9:00 instead of 7:30.

  2. Also, when untwisting (into a horse facing 12:00), instead of delivering a downward elbow, the same hand (your left) that had hooked his head now delivers an eye spear to the right as your right arm delivers a tight inner elbow to his head.

  3. Follow through with two outward elbows to the sides.

  4. Deliver a right elbow to your rear along with a simultaneous left overhead punch to your rear. (This signifies that the next form, Short 3, will use elbows as the main weapon.)