Kenpo Technique

PARTING WINGS (Two hand push from front)

The attacker steps in and pushes you with both hands at about chest level.

  1. Step back with your right foot into a left neutral bow as you simultaneously deliver two outward knife hands to the inside of your opponent's arms.  (Do not extend your knife hands much past the width of your opponent's torso; also, try to keep your palms somewhat parallel to the plane between your two bodies--i.e., your right hand shouldn't be too far behind your left hand.)
  2. Pivot into a forward bow with a right inward knife hand to your opponent's ribs while cocking your left hand in a handsword position under your chin.
  3. Pivot back into a neutral bow and deliver a left outward knife hand to his throat while cocking your right hand by your waist.
  4. Pivot back into a forward bow and deliver a right middle knuckle to the opponent's solar plexus.

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