Kenpo Technique

CROSS OF DESTRUCTION (Two hand rear choke)

The attacker chokes you in close with two hands from behind.

  1. Step to 9:00 with your left foot into a low horse stance as you simultaneously grab your opponent's wrists by the thumbs, anchoring your elbows.
  2. Right rear cross-over into a twist stance, duck your head under your opponent's hands, and untwist into a left forward bow facing your opponent pulling downward on his hands.   Note: you should be holding your opponents hands such that they are crossed at the elbows.
  3. Right front-kick his the inside of his right (back) knee.
  4. Plant forward into a right neutral bow, straightening your right arm as if you were delivering a right, inverted punch to the head, and holding the other arm taut.  This should break the opponent's left arm.

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