Kenpo Technique

HOOKING WINGS (Two hand low push from front)

The attacker pushes you below chest level and/or your hands are starting from a high position.

  1. Step back with your left foot, pulling your right foot into a right cat stance, and executing two downward parries hooking your hands to the outside (in the shape of the crane).
  2. Deliver a right front kick to the opponent's groin or stomach.  (Note: if executed properly, the previous step and this one should all be executed on the count of one.)
  3. Plant forward into a right neutral bow while delivering a right hammerfist raking across his face.
  4. Turn the rake over looping back up in a figure eight and coming down into a downward backfist to the bridge of the nose.
  5. Reverse the motion again into an upward elbow to his chin.
  6. Reverse it again by delivering a downward palm-heel claw to the face.

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