Kenpo Technique

SLEEPER (Right punch)

The attacker steps in with his right foot and throws a straight right punch to your face.

  1. Step to 11:00 into a left neutral bow, executing a left inward block (at or above the elbow).
  2. Pivot to a left forward bow with a right ridge hand straight up the body and at the last moment turning in to strike the throat.
  3. C-step forward with your right foot, planting your foot around and then behind the attacker's right foot into a right neutral bow.  Simultaneously clasp both of your palms between the thumb and forefinger, squeezing against your body so that your opponent's right arm is trapped up against his neck ("sleeper" hold).
  4. Slide your left foot to 5:00 as your left hand grabs under the chin (or the sleeve) and untwist (counterclockwise), turning into a left forward bow facing 7:30.  This should drop your opponent over your right leg and onto the ground.
  5. Follow the opponent down by trapping under a left close-kneel stance checking with your left hand and punching his temple with your right.

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Pictures 4 and 5 above are 2 angles of the same step. (Picture 6 shows the back leg pivoting.)

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