Kenpo Technique

DEFYING THE STORM (Roundhouse club)

The attacker steps in with his right leg as he delivers a right roundhouse club attack.

  1. As he begins his swing step forward with your right leg into a right forward bow, delivering a pair of knife hand blocks to his wrist and upper biceps.  This should stop the momentum of his attack.
  2. Inward elbow his jaw with your right elbow as you reach over and grab the back of his arm (or alternately crane around his neck).  Simultaneously, grab his wrist with your left hand.
  3. Step back with your right foot into a left neutral bow, pushing up on the wrist and down on the shoulder bringing the attacker down.
  4. Deliver a right knee to his ribs as you cock your right elbow overhead and strike his spine with your elbow as you plant forward and drop down.

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