Kenpo Technique

FLASHING WINGS (Right straight punch)

The attacker steps in with his right leg and throws a right straight punch.

  1. Step forward into a left neutral bow with a left inward block (at or above the elbow).
  2. Step-drag forward into a left close-kneel with a right inward elbow to the ribs, glancing through.
  3. Pivot to a left neutral bow with a right outward elbow to the right kidney causing the attacker to move forward and arch his back.
  4. In the same motion, follow the right elbow with a right outward knife-hand to the back of his neck (as he arches back).
  5. Continue rotating clockwise into a right close kneel stance as you follow the right strikes with a left knife hand to the back of his neck as your right hand checks his right arm.
  6. Switch your check and deliver a right upward heel palm to his face as you turn back into a neutral bow.

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