Kenpo Technique

SHIELD AND MACE (Right straight punch)

The attacker steps through with a straight right punch to your face.

  1. Step forward with your left foot into a left forward bow with a right outward block.   Immediately pivot to a left neutral bow with a left straight punch to the ribs.
  2. Drop to a close kneel stance checking the opponent's right leg with your knee as you check his arm with your left hand and deliver a right downward diagonal hammerfist to the right kidney.
  3. Check the opponent down with your left hand as you deliver an upward palm heel claw to his chin, continuing counter-clockwise and down to an outward chop to the back of his right knee, causing him to buckle.
  4. As his weight shifts onto his left leg, check his shoulder with your left hand and deliver a right side thrust kick to the back of his left knee.
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