Kenpo Technique

RAKING MACE (Two-hand lapel grab pulling in)

The attacker grabs your lapels and pulls you forward.

  1. Trap the opponent's hands to your chest with your left hand as you step forward into a right neutral bow and deliver a right dragon's head fist in uppercut position (inverted middle knuckle) to his solar plexus.
  2. Circle your right arm outward and deliver a right inward hammer fist to his left jaw, raking through in a diagonal motion down to the inside of his elbows, drawing him toward you.
  3. Reverse your motion (figure eight) with a right outward knife hand to the right side of his neck.
  4. Execute a right downward diagonal downward forearm to the opponent's arms, clearing them and causing him to fall forward into a right sandwiching elbow to the head.
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