Kenpo Technique

THUNDERING HAMMERS (Right straight punch)

The attacker throws a straight right punch at you.

  1. Step forward into a left neutral bow with a left inward block.
  2. Step-drag forward into a forward bow dropping to a close kneel to check your opponent's right knee with your right knee as you deliver a backfist to the stomach while checking high with your left hand.
  3. Replace left check to shoulder with the right hand as you switch to a right close kneel and a hammerfist to the left kidney.
  4. Switch back to a left close kneel with a right hammerfist to the back of the opponent's neck, checking with the left hand.
  5. Drop your left foot back to 7:00 into a right neutral bow, checking with a left hand and delivering a right, downward back-knuckle to the opponent's right mastoid.
  6. Continue checking with the left hand as you step drag in and with an upward palm-heel claw to the face.
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