Kenpo Technique

FLASHING MACE (Straight right punch)

The attacker throws a straight right punch to your head.

  1. Step forward to a left neutral bow with a right extended outward block and a left inward hammering block to the opponent's arm (hyper-extending his elbow).
  2. Check the arm down with the left hand as you cock your right hand above your right ear, palm-out, in a hammerfist position.
  3. Right front crossover planting with a hammerfist to opponent's face raking through as you begin to untwist.
  4. As you settle into a left neutral bow, deliver a left hammerfist to the right kidney, checking high with the right hand.
  5. Drop to a close kneel with a left waiter's hand check to your opponent's arm and deliver a right upward looping backfist strike under his chin, continuing over your head and crossing out.
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