Kenpo Technique

GRIPPING TALON (Left hand grab to right wrist)

The attacker grabs your right wrist with his left hand.

  1. Reach across and grab your opponent's wrist with your left hand.
  2. Step forward to a right neutral bow turning your right hand slightly toward you and in a counter-clockwise direction (small circle), thus breaking the grab against the thumb of your opponent and turning it into a hammerfist to the groin.
  3. Deliver an inward, flapping elbow to the ribs.
  4. Reverse your motion with an outward, horizontal elbow to the floating ribs.

  5. Continue through with a backfist to the floating ribs while simultaneously stepping back into a left rear twist stance.
  6. Continue into a right stiff leg buckle to opponent's left leg as you simultaneously deliver a right ridge hand strike to the back of the neck.
  7. Right knee to the face as you cover out.
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