Kenpo Technique

CIRCLING THE HORIZON (Right straight punch)

The attacker steps through with a right punch with relatively little reaction time for you (i.e., the punch is already too close to your face for you to step into a neutral bow with an inner block).

  1. Step off to 9:00 with the left foot, pulling the right foot into a 45 degree cat stance as you apply a left inward parry (to the opponent's fist) while cocking your right hand.
  2. Step forward with your right foot behind your opponent's right foot as you deliver a right, inverted punch to his temple.  Note that if done correctly this step is not really step 2 but a continuation of step 1 (1-1/2). Also note that although the parry deflects the opponent below the elbow (at the hand),  this punch also serves as a check against his elbow buckling forward into your face.
  3. Step drag forward and drop slightly into a wide kneel with an inward, horizontal elbow to the floating ribs.
  4. Drop further into the wide kneel  as your deliver a right backfist to the back of your opponent's thigh, continuing through.
  5. Continue even further into the stance and reverse your motion into a right inverted backfist to the groin.
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t_CrcHrzn5.JPG (16978 bytes) t_CrcHrzn6a.JPG (17277 bytes) t_CrcHrzn6b.JPG (15832 bytes) Note: the last two pictures on the left are two angles of the same strike.

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