Kenpo Technique

THE BACK BREAKER (Right punch from right side)

The attacker steps through, starting from your right side, with a right punch to the right side of your head.

  1. Step to 2:00 with your right foot while delivering a left, inward parry followed by a right, outward parry.
  2. Step to 1:00 with your left foot as you grab your opponent's shoulders with both hands and step back into a neutral bow facing 7:00.
  3. Deliver a right knee to his back as you  pull him toward you.
  4. Rest your opponent's back on your left knee as you settle into a neutral bow.
  5. Grab your opponent's chin with your right hand as you brace the head with a downward inverted palm heel.
  6. Pull his chin with your right hand as you push with the left in a rippling motion snapping the head in a clockwise direction.
  7. Deliver a right, inward handsword to the side of the throat.
  8. Deliver double inward eye hooks continuing up and through to two downward backfists to opponent's shoulders.
  9. Double-claw the face as you step back to a right wide kneel stance dropping your opponent to the floor.
  10. Twist into a left close-kneel, striking the side of the opponent's face with the outside of your right knee.
  11. Right stomp on your opponent's right collar bone.
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