Kenpo Technique

CAPTURING THE STORM (Overhead club strike)

The attacker steps through with an overhead club strike.

  1. Step forward with your left foot into a left neutral bow with a right-over-left cross block to opponent's wrist.
  2. Both hands grab wrist and swing arm inward and downward, hitting his right knee with club.  While hands are moving, turn into a forward bow.
  3. Step to 11:00 into a right forward bow as both arms circle opponent's arm out to the front of your body. Right hand grabs end of club pushing downward as left hand twists in and counter-clockwise on wrist.
  4. Left foot to 10:30 and pivot counter-clockwise into a right neutral stance facing 4:30; left hand pulls arm back to hip and right hand (with club) strikes opponent's right elbow.

  5. Right hand (with club) strikes back of head downward and strikes front of right knee, then reverses direction and strikes back of right knee. Left foot crossover as left handsword strikes ribs and right club strikes upward to head.
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