Kenpo Technique

PROTECTING FANS (Left-then-right straight punch with left leg forward)

The attacker steps forward with a straight left punch followed by a right one.

  1. Step forward with left leg to 11:00 in a neutral bow with a left inward parry.
  2. Pivot to a forward bow with a right extended outward parry to parry the attacker's right punch.
  3. Grab attacker's right wrist with your right hand as you pull into a right cat with a right front kick to the groin or inside of the attacker's left thigh and a left finger spear to the eye.
  4. Plant forward into a right neutral bow checking down on the attacker's right arm with a left shape of the crane.
  5. Execute a right inward elbow to the attacker's head as he bends forward.
  6. Right claw to attacker's face in a figure "8" path.
  7. Right scoop kick to groin as right foot plants back to 6:00.
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