Kenpo Technique

UNFURLING CRANE (Left-then-right roundhouse punch)

The attacker attempts a left roundhouse punch followed by a right one.

  1. From a right neutral bow with your right arm high and left arm low, execute a right outward block.
  2. As he starts the right punch shuffle in with a left outward block and a right hammerfist to the groin, breaking his height.
  3. Execute a left heel palm to the face followed by a right back knuckle to the bridge of the nose or the temple.
  4. Step drag left forward to a right cat with a right hammerfist to the attacker's groin.
  5. Right knee to the solar plexus and a right upward elbow to the attacker's chin.
  6. Right inward knife hand to attacker's jaw with a right side kick to his knee.
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