Kenpo Technique

LEAP OF DEATH (Right punch)

The attacker throws a right punch to your face from a close starting position.

  1. Step back to 6:00 with a right outward parry.
  2. Pivot into a left neutral bow with a left inward heel palm to the attacker's right elbow as you grab his right wrist.
  3. Reverse the motion of your left hand and execute a right backfist to the attacker's ribs, causing him to bend forward.
  4. Circle your left hand behind the attacker's shoulder as you maintain your right hand grab to his wrist.
  5. Pivot to a forward bow facing 6:00 and strike the back of the attacker's arm (triceps) with a left inward block taking him down.
  6. Jump up in the air and land his his kidneys with your heels.
  7. Continue your downward momentum with two heel palms to the back of the attacker's head, forcing his face into the ground.
  8. Pivot your knees inward as you grab under his chin and pull up straining his back.
  9. Right hand rips upward as you twist his head to the right.
  10. Maintain hold of his head with your left hand and deliver a right inward knife hand to the bridge of the nose.
  11. Drive your left knee down into his back as you force his face back down to the ground with a left heel palm to the back of the head.
  12. Hop off to 7:00 in a twist stance.  Untwist with a right roundhouse kick to the attacker's head.
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