Kenpo Technique

CIRCLING FANS (Left-then-right straight punch, left leg forward)

The attacker throws a left then a right straight punch with his left leg forward.

  1. From a standing, feet-together position, step back left.
  2. From a right neutral bow pull back into a right cat a deliver a right inward parry to the attacker's left punch.
  3. As the attacker attempts to step through with a right punch, execute a left inward parry and a right front kick to the attacker's groin, stopping and breaking his height.
  4. Plant forward with a right inverted punch to his face.
  5. Left front cross with a left side fist to attacker's face and a right low check.
  6. Right knee to left inner thigh planting to 11:00 with a left upward forearm to the chin.
  7. Right front cross out to a right neutral bow.
  8. Re-enter with a right crossover rear kick.
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