Kenpo Technique

FALCONS OF FORCE (Shoulder grabs from both sides)

Two attackers grab you from close range at both sides.

  1. Step right to 2:30 to pivot off the point of the right attacker's grab and execute a right outward knife hand to the right attacker's throat or collar bone, driving him back.
  2. Pivot in place with a right finger whip to the left attacker's eye as your left arm checks his grabbing arm.
  3. Step right to 10:30 with a left outward stiff arm chop to the left attacker's throat.
  4. As the right attacker recovers and attempts to attack you from behind, execute a left rear cross and untwist with a right inward block to the right attacker's punch with a simultaneous right front kick to his groin.
  5. Left rear cross and right rear kick to the left attacker.
  6. Right front cross out and step through in reverse to face both attackers.
  7. Right spinning hook kick to any available targets.

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