Kenpo Technique

THE RAM AND THE EAGLE (Left rear collar grab/right front punch)

One attacker grabs your left collar from the rear while a second attacker throws a right front punch.

  1. Step back with your right foot to 6:00 with a left inward block and a right outward hammerfist to the rear attacker's face, causing him to release his grab.
  2. Step through and do Flashing Mace to the front attacker so you end facing 6:00 because the rear attacker is coming back with a right roundhouse punch.
  3. Deliver a right front kick to his groin with a right inward block and plant forward with Five Swords.
  4. After the last chop, cross over into a rotating twist stance with a right heel palm claw to the rear attacker's groin.
  5. Execute a right front kick to the front attacker's groin and then a left rear kick to the rear attacker.
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