Kenpo Technique

GRASPING EAGLES (Right lapel grab/left rear grab to right shoulder)

One attacker grabs your right front lapel from the front and another grabs your left rear shoulder from behind, both in close space.

  1. Execute a right front kick to the front attacker's inner left knee and a left inward block to his grabbing arm. (Because he was grabbing so hard you have broken his width and the kick broke his height and changed his width.)
  2. As you strike to the front, execute a right back hammer fist to the rear attacker's groin.
  3. Plant forward into a right close kneel with a right heel palm to the front attacker's chin and a left back heel palm to the rear attacker's groin.
  4. Execute a left front kick to the front attacker's groin.
  5. Plant back and deliver a right rear kick to the rear attacker.
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