Kenpo Technique

RAINING LANCE (Overhead knife)

The attacker steps forward with a fast overhead knife attack.

  1. Step with your left foot to 11:00 into a neutral bow with a left outward parry.
  2. Raise your right arm to create an open-ended triangle and guide the knife into the attacker's right thigh.
  3. Pivot into a left forward bow with a right inward elbow to the attacker's head.
  4. Left palm up-squeeze to attacker's throat as your right hand checks.
  5. Switch to a right pinch to attacker's eyes as left hand circles down to claw his groin.
  6. Right step behind his leg with a left outward forearm to his throat, anchoring, and taking him down over your right knee.
  7. Right hammer to any target followed by a left heel palm to his jaw.
T_RainLance01.JPG T_RainLance02.JPG T_RainLance03.JPG T_RainLance04.JPG
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