Kenpo Technique

PIERCING LANCE (Front thrusting knife)

The attacker thrusts a knife at you with his right hand.

  1. From a left neutral bow with your hands high, shift your right foot to 7:00 with a left inward parry and a right downward parry (palm in) to slip the knife thrust.
  2. Left hand comes down and grabs the attacker's wrist.
  3. Execute a right spinning elbow to the attacker's spine.
  4. Reverse your step (spin back) with your feet closer together and deliver a left outward chop to his throat.
  5. Grab his collar or lapel with your left hand and step back with your left leg, pulling him down so his right elbow is struck over your right knee, causing him to drop the knife.
T_PierceLance01.JPG T_PierceLance02.JPG T_PierceLance03.JPG T_PierceLance04.JPG
T_PierceLance05.JPG T_PierceLance06.JPG T_PierceLance07.JPG T_PierceLance08.JPG
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