Kenpo Technique

DANCE OF DEATH (Right punch from front)

  1. Left to 10:30 with left inward block.
  2. Right ridge hand to groin.
  3. Left hand tracks down opponent’s body to back of opponent’s right knee, with right step thru and right forearm to opponent’s torso to take down.

  4. As attacker falls on back and legs rise in air, right backfist to left inside leg, circling into right ridge hand to groin
  5. Grab left leg (still held to your body with your left hand) with both hands, twist leg to your other side while changing your stance (flipping him onto his stomach)
  6. Step on his back with your left leg, step off with your right (moving to the right), and then heel kick his right kidney with your left heel.
  7. Right chop to back of neck.
  8. Step on his back with your right leg, step off with your left (moving to the left), and then rear kick his head with your right foot.

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