Kenpo Technique

LEAPING CRANE (front step through right punch)

  1. With feet together, hop to your left (toward ten o'clock) into a left one leg (crane) stance with your right foot cocked to inside portion of your left knee as your left hand parries inward and your right arm cocks horizontally across your waist.

  2. Deliver a right snapping knife-edge kick to outside portion of opponent's right knee to buckle him.

  3. As you plant your right foot between opponent's legs (between one and two o'clock), deliver a right back knuckle strike to opponent's left kidney.

  4. Immediately deliver a right inward elbow strike to opponent's head as your left heel of palm strikes opponent's left mastoid-thus a sandwiching blow.

(Black Belt Extension)

  1. Shift first into a right neutral bow as you execute a right five finger ripping face claw (from the left side of opponent's face, ripping back and toward you) and (as rip is in progress) then shift into a right forward bow as you simultaneously deliver a left thrusting chop (palm down, with your fingers pointed toward you) to back of opponent's neck.

  2. Shift back into a right neutral bow as you execute a right chop to right side of opponent's neck.

  3. Right front scoop kick to groin of opponent and left chicken kick to upper spine of opponent.

  4. Right from the left chicken kick (while your left foot is still in the air) left front crossover stomp to top of opponent's right ankle to break.

  5. Have your right foot back and toward five o'clock and execute a left stiff-leg lift kick to chin of opponent (your left back of heel is what strikes under opponent's chin).

  6. Replant your left foot (toward eight o'clock) while cocking your right foot and immediately deliver a right side kick to top of opponent's right hip bone.

  7. Right front crossover and cover out twice.

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