Kenpo Technique

CALMING THE STORM (front right roundhouse club, stepping right)

  1. Step to 11:00 with your right foot and a left extended outward block to inside of his right wrist and a right vertical fist to his face.
  2. Check his right arm with a right parry as your left vertical fist shoots over your right arm to his solar plexus.
  3. Right back knuckle to his ribs as your left hand checks his right arm.
  4. Grab his right wrist with your left hand and deliver a right outward strike to back of his right elbow.
  5. Right foot back to 6:00. Right back knuckle his right ribs and continue to circle to strike to back of his right ribs.
  6. Shift your left foot to 4:00 as you push down on his right armpit with your right hammer fist and pull his right arm from 11:00 to 5:00.
  7. Go into a left rear twist as you force him to ground. Right back knuckle down and to back of his left rib cage.
  8. Have your left foot step toward 6:00 and drop your right knee to back of his left elbow.
  9. Twist clockwise into a right front twist stance. Upon doing so have the heel of your right foot come down to the right side of his face.
  10. Drop your left knee to back of his neck.
  11. Bounce up and to the side into a right one-legged stance.
  12. Right front crossover and cover out twice.

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