Kenpo Technique

CAPTURED LEAVES (flank finger lock)

  1. With your right fingers twisted by your opponent's left hand, raise your right hand high to relieve the pressure as you move your right foot slightly to your left (toward eleven o'clock).

  2. While in place, pivot counter clockwise and deliver a left back elbow to opponent's left kidney while in a left neutral bow.

  3. Immediately pivot clockwise into a horse and deliver a right back elbow to opponent's left rib cage as your left hand guards to the right of your face.

(Black Belt Extension)

  1. From the horse stance shoot your right foot back (between one and two o'clock) into a stiff leg (right reverse bow) to buckle on the inside of opponent's left knee. Left hand is still guarding at this point.

  2. Have your left foot cross in front of your right foot toward eleven o'clock and immediately step through to eleven o'clock (this may vary depending upon where opponent's right leg is positioned) with your right leg (right neutral bow) going through and back of opponent's right leg in order to buckle him from the inside of his right knee, thus forcing opponent onto his back.

  3. With opponent now on his back, left front crossover and stomp your left foot onto opponent's right knee.

  4. Slide off and plant your left foot inside of opponent's right knee and execute a right side kick to opponent's groin (using the side of the heel of your right foot).

  5. Plant your right foot to the side of opponent's right hip followed up with your left foot planting adjacent to your right foot (to the left of your right foot) and immediately deliver a right sliding knife edge thrust kick to opponent's jaw.

  6. Right front crossover and cover out twice.

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