Kenpo Technique

SPIRALING TWIG (rear bear hug - arms free)

  1. With feet together, step to your right with your right foot (to 3 o'clock) into a horse as your right and left middle fingers strike to the back of opponent's top hand or hands (depending on the type of grab) immediately dropping both elbows to pin opponent's arms. Without hesitation follow-up by grabbing opponent's right hand with your right hand and left hand with thumbs on top and fingers inside of opponent's palm.
  2. Have your left foot step forward to 2 o'clock (while starting a clockwise wrist twist; with your right elbow still pinning) and pivot your right foot clockwise and back (into a left neutral bow facing o'clock) as both of your hands continue to twist opponent's right wrist clockwise.
  3. Deliver a right snapping ball kick to right side of opponent while guiding opponent's right arm past your right hip and still maintaining wrist twist.
  4. As you plant your right foot forward (into a right neutral bow facing 8 o'clock) have your left hand check your opponent's right elbow by pushing it down and out of the way past the right hip as you deliver a right underhand stiff arm back knuckle strike to opponent's face or temple (depending upon how the head is positioned).
  5. Right front crossover and cover out to 2 o'clock.
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