Kenpo Technique

SHIELD AND SWORD (front straight left punch)

  1. Standing with feet together, step forward and to your right on a 45 degree angle (toward 2 o'clock) with your right foot (into a right forward bow) as you deliver a left extended outward block to outside of opponent's left step through punch. Have your right hand sword cocked to the right side of your right ear, palm out.
  2. Immediately pivot to your left (into a horse) as you strike inward to opponent's left neck with your right hand sword (follow through with the chop so that the right palm of that hand faces up); cocking your left to your left hip.
  3. Shift in place into a right forward bow as you deliver a left horizontal inward elbow strike to opponent's left ribcage and have your right hand check (bracing angle check) opponent's left arm at his elbow.
  4. Shift your left foot counterclockwise to 4 o'clock (into a right front twist stance as your left hand hooks out and down at opponent's left forearm.
  5. While pivoting counterclockwise out of the twist stance execute a right hammer fist strike to opponent's left kidney. Immediately follow-up with a right looping roundhouse kick to back of opponent's left knee to buckle.
  6. With right foot still in the air do a front twist and cover out to 4 o'clock.
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