Kenpo Technique

GIFT IN RETURN (front hand shake)

The opponent menacingly grabs your hand.

  1. With feet together and opponent squeezing your right hand with his right, step forward and to your left (to 11 o'clock) with your left foot (left neutral bow) to outside of opponent's right leg but hugging and checking opponent's leg with your left leg. Simultaneously deliver a strike to opponent's groin with his and your right hand with your left hand assisting you by thrusting down on opponent's right forearm.
  2. Shift your left hand around and back of opponent's right leg and grab opponent's right wrist as your right foot shifts clockwise to 10 o'clock (into a left neutral bow). Immediately pull up with your left hand and push down against opponent's right hip with your right hand to put pressure on opponent's testicles as well as limit opponent's leverage, thus nullifying his. ability to kick.
  3. Immediately deliver a right step through knife-edge kick to the back of your opponent's right knee while releasing your left hand grasp.
  4. Without any hesitation plant your right kicking foot along side of your left foot and deliver a left knee kick to opponent's tail bone.
  5. With your left foot in the air (or after it plants forward, depending on circumstances), left front crossover and cover out to 10 o'clock.
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