Kenpo Technique

DARTING MACE (front two-hand wrist grab)

  1. With feet together and opponent's hands grabbing your right wrist, step forward (toward 12 o'clock) and in front of opponent's right leg with your left foot (left neutral bow) as your right hand counter grabs opponent's right wrist and your left forearm is used as a thrusting inward strike before converting to a left vertical punch to opponent's face.
  2. Drop your left arm down (while still in place) and horizontally across opponent's arms as you pull your right hand out of your opponent's grasp and immediately strike with your right fist vertically to opponent's solar plexus while shifting (in place) into a left forward bow.
  3. As your left hand delivers an outward chop (palm down) to opponent's throat (while your right hand guards low), simultaneously move your right foot up and alongside of your left foot into a right close cat stance.
  4. Without hesitation step through into a right neutral bow between 11 and 12 o'clock with your right foot; stepping inside of and through opponent's right knee in order to buckle as you deliver a right heel of palm thrust to opponent's jaw and guard with your left hand.
  5. Right front crossover and cover out to 6 o'clock.
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