Kenpo Technique

WINGS OF SILK (rear two-arm lock)

Your opponent grabs you from behind with a two-arm lock.

  1. With feet together and arms locked from the rear, stomp your left foot onto opponent's left instep; simultaneously have your left hand pinch the nerve located on opponent's crest of the left hip.
  2. As your right arm starts to slip out of opponent's right arm, simultaneously execute a right back obscure elbow to opponent's chin and a right rear heel scoop kick to opponent's groin.
  3. Turn and step counterclockwise with your right foot (toward 9 o'clock with a short right step) as your right arm slips completely out of opponent's arm pinching and pinning opponent's left arm with your left, as you begin to twirl out.
  4. Complete the twirl (360 turn) by circling your left foot counterclockwise (again to 9 o'clock) and end up in a horse stance facing the same direction as your opponent. Simultaneously have your right arm deliver (with your left arm still pinning opponent's left arm) an uppercut forearm strike to opponent's left elbow joint.
  5. Right front crossover and cover out to 9 o'clock.
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