Kenpo Technique

FLIGHT TO FREEDOM (hammerlock)

  1. With feet together and opponent locking your right arm, step back and to your right to 5 o'clock with your left foot (on the ball of your left foot) into a modified right neutral bow as your right hand counter grabs your opponent's right wrist using this stance as a transition only.
  2. Without any hesitation pivot your entire body counterclockwise into a left neutral bow (or horse stance depending on circumstances) as you attempt to deliver a left outward elbow strike to opponent's face which is blocked.
  3. Immediately have your left foot step through to 2 o'clock (into a right reverse cat stance) as your right arm straightens and continues to grab opponent's right wrist; pulling in so that the principle of opposing forces is employed.
  4. From your right reverse cat, deliver a right thrusting back heel kick, using mainly the bottom portion-of the heel to opponent's right ribcage and do a right rotating twist (facing 8 o'clock) as you twist your opponent's right arm clockwise with the assistance of your right hand.
  5. Follow-up with a left snapping side kick to opponent's left inner knee.
  6. Without planting your left foot, have it cross in front of your right foot (into a left front twist stance) to 2 o'clock while using your left heel of palm strike to break back of opponent's right elbow, and cover out to 2 o'clock.
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