Kenpo Technique


The opponent places you in a full nelson.

  1. With feet together and while in a full nelson, strike over and back of your head with both of your fists (palms facing forward) to opponent's face (sandwiching his head) as your right foot steps to 3 o'clock into a narrow horse stance.
  2. Strike both of your elbows down to opponent's biceps (palms still facing forward) while dropping lower in your horse stance and immediately thrust both fists toward the ground (palms facing you) as you straighten and stiffen your knees.
  3. Step forward (in a straight line) with your left foot toward 2 o'clock into a left neutral bow and pivot clockwise into a right forward bow (facing 8 o'clock) as you deliver a right outward thrusting elbow strike to opponent's right jaw as left hand pins opponent's right wrist.
  4. Plant your left foot back to the point of origin and re-grab opponent's right wrist with your right hand as you step forward with your right foot toward 10 o'clock into a right neutral bow and pivot counterclockwise into a left forward bow (facing 4 o'clock) as you deliver a left outward thrusting elbow strike to opponent's left jaw.
  5. Left front twist and cover out to 10 o'clock.
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