Kenpo Technique

BRUSHING THE STORM (flank right overhead club)

  1. With feet together and opponent attacking from your right side, step forward and to your right with your right foot to 2 o'clock (opponent is attacking from 2 o'clock while you are facing 12 o'clock). Simultaneously deliver a left inward parry outside of opponent's right arm while striking to opponent's jaw with a right heel of palm thrust which will end up striking under and inside of opponent's right arm.
  2. Step forward with your left foot (left close kneel stance) to 2 o'clock as you strike to opponent's solar plexus with your right elbow (striking vertically and down) and continue checking opponent's right arm with your left hand.
  3. Pivot clockwise to your right (into a left neutral bow) facing 4 o'clock as you strike to opponent's groin with a right heel of palm (hooking your right arm toward you). Simultaneously continue to apply your left hand check to opponent's shoulder blade.
  4. Drop your right foot back toward 10 o'clock into a left neutral bow as your right hand pulls opponent's right leg (sliding your hand to his right knee cap and to levels below that point) toward you as your left hand pushes forward at opponent's right shoulder blade or right hip.
  5. While holding opponent's right leg with your right hand, deliver a left instep kick to opponent's groin.
  6. Plant your left foot and deliver a right knife-edge kick to back of opponent's left knee thus buckling him to the ground.
  7. Right front crossover and over out twice toward 10 o'clock.
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