Kenpo Technique

MENACING TWIRL (left hand rear belt grab)

Your opponent grabs you from behind by the belt (and shoulder), as a bouncer might.
  1. With back toward opponent and standing with feet together, step back and to your left with your right foot to 8 o'clock (a rear twist stance) as you deliver a right outward downward block. (Have your left hand in checking position near your solar plexus.)
  2. Immediately pivot clockwise to 8 o'clock (now facing opponent) and deliver a left heel of palm thrust to opponent's chin while shifting into a right forward bow.
  3. Follow-up with a left knee kick to opponent's groin.
  4. Plant your left foot (in place) and immediately deliver a right roundhouse knee kick to inside of opponent's right thigh.
  5. Have the right foot (from last position) stomp onto the right instep of opponent.
  6. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 2 o'clock.
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