Kenpo Technique

GATHERING CLOUDS (front straight right punch)

  1. With feet together, step to 10 o'clock with your left foot (into a left neutral bow) as your left hand parries your opponent's right punch. Simultaneously deliver a right inward horizontal knuckle rake (palm up) to opponent's right ribcage.
  2. Follow through with the motion of your right hand and immediately deliver a right horizontal outward chop to opponent's right floating ribs.
  3. Without hesitation move forward and inside of opponent's right knee (between 10 and 11 o'clock) with your right leg so as to buckle your opponent. Simultaneously strike to opponent's right ribcage with a right inward horizontal elbow strike without cocking. Keep your left hand up as a guard.
  4. With your right leg between opponent's legs, do a right front scoop kick and plant your right back (into a left neutral bow) to 4 o'clock as you do a right outward horizontal eye slice and circling back in with a right eye gouge and a left outward torquing heel palm.
  5. Left front crossover and cover out to 4 o'clock.
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