Kenpo Technique

ENTANGLED WING (front arm lock)

  1. With feet together and forced into a right neutral bow, step forward and to your left with your right foot (to 10 o'clock) as you raise your right arm up and overhead (similar to a right upward elbow strike).
  2. Pivot (in place) counterclockwise and dropping to right knee, deliver a left back elbow strike to opponent's groin or ribs depending upon the height of your opponent as your right arm pulls opponent's left elbow down and breaks opponent's elbow across the back of your right shoulder.
  3. Immediately pivot (in place) clockwise and execute a right back elbow strike to opponent's mid-section or right ribcage, depending upon the circumstances. Keep your left hand in a guard position, checking at your right shoulder.
  4. Right front crossover and cover out to 6 o'clock.
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