Kenpo Technique

RETURNING STORM (roundhouse and backhand club attack)

  1. Starting in right neutral, drop back (by shuffling back) to 6 o'clock and place both of your arms close (positioning them vertically with your fists at the top) to your chest, as your opponent takes a wild step through roundhouse horizontal club strike which misses.
  2. As opponent attempts to strike with a returning backhand club strike, step forward with your left foot to 2 o'clock (into a left neutral bow) and have both of your arms strike vertically so that your left forearm strikes at opponent's right elbow joint and your right outer wrist at opponent's right wrist.
  3. Immediately grab opponent's right wrist with your right hand and push vertically and out with your left forearm as you slide your right foot clockwise to 10 o'clock, keeping constant pressure on your opponent's right elbow.
  4. Follow-up with a front snapping ball kick to opponent's right ribcage (kick is delivered toward 6 o'clock).
  5. Plant right foot back to 10 o'clock and do left front crossover and cover out to 12 o'clock.
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