Kenpo Technique

BOW OF COMPULSION (front wrist lock - against opponent's chest)

Your opponent pins your hand against his chest.

  1. With opponent pinning your right hand against his chest and with your feet parallel to each other, step forward (to 12 o'clock) with your right foot (right neutral bow) and use a right vertical elbow strike down to opponent's solar plexus or groin, depending on the height of the opponent, as your With your left hand still guarding diagonally, drop down into a right kneel (keeping your back erect) as your drop your right hand down, raking opponent's testicles with a right heel palm claw and immediately following up with a right underhand reverse hand sword to opponent's groin.
  2. Immediately deliver a right hanging back fist to opponent's left inner knee followed with a hooking knuckle punch to opponent's right inner knee.
  3. Cross your right foot in front of your left leg as you're getting up and cover out.
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