Kenpo Technique

CIRCLE OF DOOM (Front straight right kick)

The attacker attempts a front straight right kick.
  1. While in a right neutral bow (facing 12 o'clock) and your arms are to your side, pivot to your left into a right reverse bow as you deliver a right inside downward (palm down) in and up against opponent's right kicking leg just behind his right calf. Your left hand is in guard position at this point crossed over your right forearm. Continue circling your right arm counter clockwise to execute a right extended outward block.
  2. Force your opponent's right leg in a looping counter clockwise arc as you deliver a right rear stiff leg kick up and under opponent's groin (if necessary drag your left foot in to assist you in gauging your distance), striking the groin with the back of your right heel.
  3. Plant your right foot (in place) and deliver a left hooking kick to your opponent's head.
  4. Left front crossover without planting your kicking foot and cover out twice toward 6 o'clock.
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