Kenpo Technique

DESTRUCTIVE TWINS (two-hand choke, pulling in)

The attacker chokes your from the front, pulling you in.
  1. With feet together, step forward to 12 o'clock with your right foot (right neutral bow) as you deliver a left overhead punch to opponent's face with a right uppercut to opponent's groin. (Keep your back erect and head up.)
  2. Move your right foot slightly to your right to 2 o'clock and execute a right inward and left vertical outward combination blocks outside of opponent's left arm. (At the completion of your left vertical outward, you should be in a right forward bow.)
  3. Immediately thrust your left fingers to opponent's eyes.
  4. Follow-up by pivoting to your left into a horse as you deliver a right punch to opponent's left ribcage simultaneous with your left hand grabbing opponent's left arm, pulling that arm toward your left hip, palm down.
  5. Drop your left back to 4 o'clock; and do right inward horizontal heel palm to opponent's elbow; right front crossover and cover out twice toward 4 o'clock.
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