Kenpo Technique

ESCAPE FROM DEATH (right rear arm choke)

  1. With choke being applied, immediately step to your right (to 3 o'clock) with your right foot into a horse stance. Turn your head to your left and tuck your chin against your chest as your right hand grabs and pulls down on opponent's right wrist (anchoring right elbow). Simultaneously deliver a left back elbow to opponent's solar plexus. Follow-up with a left hammer fist to groin.
  2. Circle your left leg around and back of opponent's right leg toward 7 o'clock and immediately into a left close kneel stance as your right hammer fist strikes to opponent's groin and your left hammer fist strikes to opponent's kidneys.
  3. Circle your left hand over and under opponent's nose, forcing opponent's head back as you shift to a left forward bow and deliver a right heel thrust to opponent's jaw. Conclude with a right knee kick to outside of opponent's right thigh.
  4. Replant your right foot; left front crossover and cover out twice toward 2 o'clock.
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