Kenpo Technique

CLIPPING THE STORM (front right thrusting club)

  1. Step toward 12 o'clock with your left foot (left neutral bow), as you deliver a left downward chop to the outside of opponent's left forearm, simultaneously cocking your right hand near your right ear.
  2. Shift (in place) to a left forward bow as you deliver a right downward chop to opponent's left wrist.
  3. Shift (in place) to a neutral bow as you deliver a left outward chop (palm down) to opponent's throat.
  4. Step forward and back of opponent's right leg with your right foot into a right neutral bow as you deliver a right heel of palm strike under opponent's chin. (Left hand should be checking near your right ribs.)
  5. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 6 o'clock.
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