Kenpo Technique

CIRCLING DESTRUCTION (Front step-through left punch)

The attacker throws a left punch while stepping through.

  1. With feet together or while in a right neutral bow, move your right foot to 1 o'clock as you deliver a right inward and left outward hooking parry (palm up) to outside of opponent's activated left punch. In the same motion, deliver a right back knuckle strike to left ribcage of opponent.
  2. Shift your left foot to 4 o'clock (into a right modified neutral bow) as your left hand heel palm and claws inward to opponent's face immediately followed by a right chop to right neck of opponent.
  3. Deliver a right front scoop kick to opponent's groin simultaneous with a left outward heel of palm thrust to opponent's back.
  4. Plant your right foot in back of you (toward 4 
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