Kenpo Technique

DETOUR FROM DOOM (front right roundhouse kick)

  1. While in a right neutral bow, quickly shift your left foot to 4 o'clock. Simultaneously deliver a left downward block to opponent's right leg with a right vertical fist to opponent's face. (At this point, you should be in a right 45 degree cat stance).
  2. From a right 45 degree cat stance, deliver a right ball kick to opponent's groin.
  3. Plant your right foot toward 10 o'clock into a right neutral bow as you simultaneously execute a left vertical punch to opponent's solar plexus over you right arm as it checks opponent's arms down with a right horizontal forearm check.
  4. Deliver a right back knuckle to opponent's stomach as your left foot shifts to 3 o'clock into a right neutral bow.
  5. Have your left hand hook downward on back of opponent's neck as you continue circling your right arm counter clockwise and deliver a right hammer fist to the back of opponent's neck.
  6. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 3 o'clock.
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