Kenpo Technique

THRUST INTO DARKNESS (right punch directly from the rear)

The attacker attempts to punch you with your back turned.

  1. With feet together, step forward with your right foot toward 2 o'clock into a left reverse close cat stance (as opponent attacks from the rear with a right punch) to give you distance, and immediately deliver a left back kick toward 7 o'clock to opponent's stomach thus causing him to bend forward.
  2. With your left foot still in the air, plant your left foot to 4 o'clock (assuming both you and opponent are presently facing 12 o'clock) into a wide left rear twist stance and immediately pivot counter clockwise (ending in a left neutral bow facing opponent at 6 o'clock) and without hesitation deliver a right front snap ball kick toward 7 o'clock to opponent's jaw or sternum (opponent should be bending forward at this point toward 12 o'clock).
  3. Plant your right foot forward into a right neutral bow toward 7 o'clock and assuming that the kick forced your opponent back, do a left front crossover toward 7 o'clock and right side kick to inside of opponent's left knee.
  4. Plant your right foot forward (right forward bow) toward 7 o'clock and simultaneously deliver a right back knuckle thrust to opponent's right temple and a left vertical thrust punch to opponent's right ribs.
  5. Right front crossover and cover out toward 2 o'clock.
  6. Left rear crossover and return with a right back kick to opponent's head toward 7 o'clock.
  7. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 2 o'clock.
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