Kenpo Technique

DECEPTIVE PANTHER (combination front right snap kick (low) and right roundhouse (high))

Your opponent fakes a low kick, followed by a high roundhouse kick (off the same leg).

  1. While in a right neutral bow shift your left foot to 4 o'clock (angle change) and as your opponent's kick is delivered have your guarding hands change so that you position them into a left downward and right inward to block both kicks (universal block), the low kick with your left arm and the high kick with your right arm.
  2. As opponent is in the process of covering out deliver a right hopping side kick to opponent's left inner knee to buckle him.
  3. Plant your right foot forward into a right neutral bow (facing opponent) and immediately pivot clockwise (in place) into a right front rotating twist stance as you deliver a right downward back knuckle strike to opponent's right mastoid followed by a left downward hammer fist to opponent's right kidney.
  4. Have your left hand check opponent's right elbow while still in a right front rotating twist stance. Immediately pivot counter clockwise (untwisting out of the stance) and deliver a right lifting stiff-arm back knuckle strike to opponent's face, making facial contact when your transition move takes you to the point of a close right neutral bow stance.
  5. Continue to twist counter clockwise. When you are almost turned completely around into a right reverse cat stance deliver a right back thrust kick to any available opening. Make sure the kick is delivered while take advantage of the torquing movement and the momentum associated with it.
  6. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 5 o'clock. (Cover out from your kicking position).
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