Kenpo Technique

UNFOLDING THE DARK (left step through punch from right rear flank)

  1. With back toward your opponent and assuming direction you're facing is 12 o'clock, as attack commences hop onto your left leg to 10 o'clock and deliver a right knife-edge kick to left knee of opponent.
  2. Plant your right foot to 5 o'clock, drag your left foot, and right back kick again to opponent's left rib cage. Plant your right foot toward 5 o'clock into a right inverted neutral bow.
  3. Have your left leg (stiff-leg) sweep counter clockwise along the ground (180 degree sweep) and buckle your opponent's leg so as to bend him backwards.
  4. Simultaneously execute a left back knuckle (as your stance changes from a left reverse bow to a left neutral bow) to opponent's left kidney. This action should have your opponent bend backwards even further.
  5. Immediately deliver a right inward overhead downward (diagonal if necessary) hammer fist strike to front of opponent's sternum while dropping in a left close kneel.
  6. Force your opponent to the ground with the assistance of your right inward overheard hammer fist strike.
  7. With opponent now with his back on the ground, deliver a right back stomp kick to opponent's face or to whatever target that's open depending upon the position of your opponent's head.
  8. Right front crossover and cover out twice toward 2 o'clock.

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